joshua jackson was in my dreams

sometime last week, i had a dream that i was having a torrid affair with joshua jackson.

is it wrong for me to be crushing after a celeb so young? and clearly a celeb that was meant for those of at least one generation younger then me to be lusting after?

is it wrong that i thought he was attractive in his days of being 'Pacey' from Dawson's Creek?

what's even more disturbing is that i found myself doing a search for images of mr. joshua jackson and found mostly studio shots of him looking like a boy.

a BOY! a very, very, very young BOY!!!

having said that, lets all remember that he is of legal age and only six years younger then i am. that's not so bad…

is it?

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4 thoughts on “joshua jackson was in my dreams

  1. yeah, but i keep on thinking about that scene where he starts making out with his highschool teacher in dawson's creek. and man… i'm starting to feel oooooold!

  2. Face it, you're nothing but a dirty old lady. 🙂

    Seriously. On the bright side, you could have had a dream about
    the guy who played Dawson, and that would be seriously….
    'shiver.' Blech.

  3. yeah, the guy who played dawson himself just didn't do anything for me.
    pacey kicked dawson's ass. it's the dark curls – they do it for me

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