BTS World – The Game, M/V and Album

I have seriously never seen this before… a musical artist/group, releasing not just a global game app, but the marketing which comes with it! Never mind the teaser videos, social media posts, etc., but of course, it takes a group like BTS and BigHit to not only release an OST for the game but a full album! And video, too!

Heartbeat– The Video and OST Theme

Do I like the song, Heartbeat? You bet I do. This, along with all the other songs and album, was released just days before I headed to Portugal for our family vacation, but I definitely downloaded the songs onto my phone through Apple Music so I could listen to it while out of the country. And let me tell you, it fit that summer on the beach in Praia da Areia Branca, Portugal, very well!

The BTS World Soundtrack

As far as the rest of the album, I’ll be honest in that I’ve only listened to a few of the tracks. Of what I’ve heard so far, I really like, though. Especially Jungkook, Jimin and Jin’s collaboration with Zara on Dream Glow. And Brand New Day featuring V, J-Hope and Zara is another favorite.

One thing I want to point out, this really is more like a soundtrack than an album. A couple of other tracks not performed by BTS but worth mentioning are: LaLaLa by Okdal and You Are Here by 이현 (Lee Hyun – the only solo artist under the BigHit label).

BTS World – The Game

Oh my… what have I gotten myself into? One of the reasons I rarely play these types of role-playing games is how addictive it is! And with BTS adding their charm in the game, it makes it REALLY hard to stop playing it.

For those who are not familiar with this app (and if so, have you been living under a rock?) you as the gamer, basically take on the role as BTS’ manager. There’s a bit of a time warp phenomenon which takes you back to 2012 before BTS even existed. And your main goal? Have then debut. Because if you don’t, the world we know now will never have heard of BTS. Ever. Ha! Pressure on!

And boy is there pressure. At the beginning, not long after finding and recruiting each seven members, the first thing I mentioned to my husband and daughter was, “Oh my god they are so needy!” While in game mode, there’s an area under Mobile and well, my mobile was exploding with text messages and phone calls from each member. They were young and not at all the team or family we see them now. So as a small spoiler alert, they didn’t know how to get along at the time.

Enter the player a.k.a. Bangtan Manager (you) – as you will then be the mediator. A LOT! Mixed with pranks from the maknae line and Jin’s dad jokes (or him just texting you to tell you how handsome he is).

The charm is they add their own personality (or what ARMY has witnessed over the years) to each communication piece going back and forth. When the group chat opens at one level, the player will be pleasantly surprised with some of the humor written into the not-so-fake text messages.

Is there a bit of flirting between BTS and the manager? Well, if you squint really really hard, you can see some subtle flirting. It seems to be done in an in-between professional mannerism and what might possibly be construed as mild flirting. And lets face it, they did this because it’s what ARMY wanted, right? Because the more vague the flirting, the more the player wants to continue leveling up in order to obtain more interactions with each member. Will it every amount to anything where you, the manager, basically becomes ‘y/n’ in the story line? I doubt it. Though it does make me wonder if BigHit and BTS reads all your fan-fics out there! LOL!

Jin’s posts have no flirtation what-so-ever. Him talking about his handsome face is just everyday drabble. He could be talking to himself to be honest. 🙂


And this, everyone, is BTS – pt. 2

This could easily become a multi-part post simply because BTS is… well, BTS. Part one here….

It doesn’t matter what interview they are at… eventually if you ask the wrong question, you’ve lost control of them.

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TXT “Nap of a star” M/V

Okay – straight up, I haven’t been the biggest fan of TXT. Don’t get me wrong – I support this new BigHit quintet group and I totally get it. They wanted something younger, more innocent, less edge… they wanted to create a group of fresh faces for a much younger audience. I suspect, they will let TXT grow and evolve into something more, along side their fans. BigHit gets it – that growth and evolution between the idols and fans as they continue down their path is an integral part of the bonding process… I mean the creativity behind it is amazing.

That said, the music has so far not been to my taste and that’s okay. It’s going to happen. While I’m a big-time fan of BTS, it does not mean I have to like every group’s music which debuts from BigHit even though I believe in BigHit’s formula for success, as well as how they work with their artists. After all, I don’t love all BTS songs – especially their earlier work circa their 2013-2014 era.

I have, however, given TXT’s music a chance, And while their songs are not bad it’s just not me.

Until Nap of the Star came out. Not only is this song beautiful both in sound and in message, but this music video is solid! The visuals, the theme (and I do see some on-going symbolic themes even though I’m not a TXT die-hard fan), as well as the fantasy concept is just stunning! Bravo to the creative producers, here!

This is by far one of the most interesting and out-of-the-box music video I have witnessed from the k-pop industry. I think it almost deserves a short-film award!

VT x BTS – Spotlight Yourself L’Atelier Commercial

Seven Members. Seven Perfume. Seven Scents.

And what a play on words. From their Love Yourself Era to their Speak Yourself Stadium World Tour and now… Spotlight Yourself. Bravo VT Cosmetics marketing team. You did well.

Also I have to point out… when BTS were new in their 2013-2015 eras, they were cute. Right? Just cute. At least to me. My daughter, of course, thought differently. She would gush and gush about how hot they were. And my response, as is my response now whenever she points out her bias in NCT, was always the same, “Yeah… I guess. I mean, they’re not ugly? They’re cute!” Lets face it… Jungkook was only a year or so older than my daughter is now. Thinking about them as anything but pat-on-their-heads-pinch-their-cheeks kind of cute makes me literally feel ill to my stomach. Eww.

But now? And in this commercial? Holy crap what the hell happened? Even Jungkook is certainly making me do some double-takes and might I say blushing madly these days. How dare he. I’d like to write to BigHit to please ask him to stop. And while they’re at it, please calm Mr. Kim Taehyung down as well. Especially at 0:24 and again at 0:53.The way he looks up at the camera and stares RIGHT INTO YOUR DAMN SOUL as if he’s the devil incarnate himself? Taehyung looks like a predator about to eat his prey.


Namjoon and Hoseok can continue on as is… Thank you.

Dionysus In Luv – a Mash-Up

I really have a lot of posts I’m behind on due to traveling for work and dealing with the aftermath of projects and catching up after coming back from Vegas. And no I certainly was not in Vegas for fun. I was there to mingle with other suits which involved back to back meetings on the hour. I’ve been back for almost two weeks and I’m still catching up!

So for now, I wanted to share this amazing mash-up of DIONYSUS and Boy In Luv. Not only did this creative fan do a great job with the audio but to see BTS 2014 v.s. 2019 really reminds me how much they’ve grown in the past five years. Enjoy!