More on My GOT7 ‘Eyes on You’ Concert

[Continuation of My First K-Pop Concert – GOT7]

Without a doubt, we had absolutely no regrets attending the GOT7 – Eyes on You World Tour concert as our very first k-pop concert (and my daughter’s very first concert, ever!) There’s so much to share about our experience so I’ll try to break it down.

Concert Line-up and K-pop Fans

We really had no idea when we should start lining up as P2 reserved seating ticket holders. We were told to go early just in case – we wanted to ensure we had time before the concert started since we didn’t want to miss one minute (especially the intro!) The concert started at 8PM and doors opened at 7PM. Still… to play it safe, we arrived at 5:30PM.

I did my research and knew even though the email from the venue sent 2 days before instructed us to line up anywhere but Gate 1 and Gate 2b (for general admission, standing room only), things could change last minute. And that it did. When we arrived, there was only one line up and no one really knew what that line-up meant. So… what to do? We joined the line! About an hour later we were kicked out and told to go to the back where Gate 5 and 6 were located. *Sigh* The warnings were true – venue places are not always the most reliable as far as being organized. No surprises there.

Toronto has had some k-pop concerts. But not a lot. I’ve been to concerts before and as I will get into it below, there’s some key differences. I don’t think most venue places here have caught on, though.

Having said that, there’s always a silver lining right? And with it came with us getting a chance to meet some very friendly k-pop fans! I also LOVED seeing such a glorious variety of fans from different backgrounds – age, ethnicity, sub-cultures, gender – it did not matter. You were there supporting GOT7 and k-pop in general then damn it you were included! No one was discriminated and the atmosphere was positive and very lovey-dovey. And many fans we met were from multi-fandoms – fan wars were not an issue.

I have seen some online hate from the younger generation saying people over 25 are ‘creeps’ for following k-pop. I’m thankful this seems to be a small percentage of haters out there and being there at the GOT7 concert proved this to me. All I can say is one day, they’ll get it. 😉 After all, it’s the 25-ish and over (as a majority) who are funding the k-pop industry! Either directly as fans or indirectly because of younger siblings, daughters/sons, niece/nephews who are asking for k-pop merchandise as gifts and such.

As Jin says, “Yah! Show some respect for your elders!” Heh. :p

K-Pop Concerts v.s. Regular Concerts

Mind you, it’s been awhile since I’ve gone to a concert. When I was much younger, I went to see artists such as The Cure, Depeche Mode, U2 and James as far as some of the bigger influences of my past. None of them disappointed. However, k-pop concerts are so vastly different from everything I’ve seen before!

One of the reasons why we wanted to get there early was because I heard security can take awhile so we wanted to be closer to the front of the line when the doors open. In the past, I really didn’t worry about this. Every concert I had been to had 1-3 opening acts which took up at least 1 hour prior to the main act. Sure if the opening acts were important on my to-see list, I would want to get there early. And I normally would get there for the opening acts but there wasn’t that stress of making it on time. Should we be late, we had at least that extra hour buffer.

Not at all with k-pop. There are no opening acts. And the intro was explosive so missing it would have been extremely sad! I wonder, though, is this the way it is with many big world tours? Did Lady Gaga have opening acts? Did Madonna or Talyor Swift? I’m pretty out of it so maybe it’s just not k-pop. But of the experiences I’ve had, there’s always been an opening act or two.

Intermission – I had to think back hard but I suppose there wasn’t an intermission with other concerts because for one, the time between the last opening act and the main artists could be a bit of a stretch and therefore acted as time to go to the washroom and/or buy food. Plus, the act itself might be, on average, 2 hrs.

And that’s another thing… k-pop concerts are much more than 2 hrs. GOT7 was 2 hrs and 50 minutes. That’s almost 3 hours of entertainment! We certainly got our money’s worth but yeah – we went to the washroom 15 minutes before the concert started to empty ourselves out. 🙂

Audience Reaction

I DO find myself shamelessly fan-girling k-pop idols during one of those wow-moments. Take how stunned I was with Kim Namjoon (RM) for instance. I normally do not crush after him but once in awhile, as from all BTS members, I get caught off guard by something they do (and it always seems to return to nothing after I watch them being a-dork-able and I just want to adopt/protect them – but that’s k-pop for your… they bias-wreck you even if you don’t have a bias!)

So I was curious as to how I would react seeing Jackson Wang, for example, live and on stage. GOT7 is not my bias group but I love Jackson Wang! Not only is he very handsome but he’s just a hoot to watch during interviews and the plethora of appearances he makes on Korean or Chinese reality shows.

Conclusion? Seeing him was surreal. He looked fantastic – actually even better in real life. However, I didn’t fan-girl at the concert. This surprised me. I really felt I would even just a tiny bit. I was more invested in how everyone else was fan-girling/boying them! The reaction to witness was interesting – and added to the whole experience. Perhaps the initial shook moments of k-pop as a newbie has worn off. At the beginning my eyes were like saucers – like a kid in a candy store! This didn’t take away from my experience of course. I was heavily invested in the performance and happy to see so many fans stan for their bias(es) on stage! If the fans were happy, I was happy. 🙂

My daughter, however, noticed. She noticed Jackson’s muscular thighs but who couldn’t with the tight pants he had on! LOL! She went in as Yugeom being her bias. She walked on with BamBam, Mark, JB and Jackson as additional biases. So there you go! I’ll admit my attention was drawn to JB as he had an amazing stage presence.

GOT7’s Performance

Well what can I say about GOT7? They were fabulous! No lip-syncing and just gave us all the energy they had. I could not take my eyes off of the stage.

I already mentioned JB’s stage presence but really, all of them were very good. The ones I noticed most also included Jackson and Yugeom. Especially during their performance, Phoenix:

Damn the energy! I made a note to see if I can get this song on my playlist.

They ended with Go Higher which was the perfect conclusion to the night. Another song I plan to purchase:

Over all, 1/3rd of the tracks I knew very well, another 1/3rd I have heard but not familiar with and the rest I had never heard until that night. The fact I walked out with a few tracks I noted to myself to buy is something.


BTS ‘Anpanman’ Choreography

In about 30 minutes we’ll be heading off to the dance studio to learn BTS’ Anpanman:

I’m so screwed. It looks hard. But my daughter has been dying to try this choreography so we can’t pass it up.

Also… I miss Lay. I hope he joins EXO during their next comeback (rumored for August).

Random K-Pop News and Musings

As is the norm, K-pop news never goes to sleep. Like never. As far as the music industry is concerned, K-pop is like Vegas. There is no night or day. 24/7 it just keeps on going. Whether you like it or not! There’s been so much going on since my less-than-dedicated time on my blog. I’ll just add some of the ones I spotted as of lately which has peaked my interest.

First off, Day6 has a new MV – Shoot Me:

I’ve been slowly getting into Day 6 and it’s been a really amazing eye-opener. I appreciate how different they are than the typical k-pop group. It’s a nice change of scenery to see a rock band from the industry playing their own instruments when they perform. And their music is pretty good! The other day I had their Japanese single, Stop the Rain, quite a bit on rotation.

Are there people out there who’s got their TV tuned to the FIFA World Cup right now? I can assure you it’s pretty much constantly on during our waking and at-home hours these days. My husband is a HUGE football/soccer fan. And while I’m not a huge sports fan, I do get excited for the World Cup. It’s probably one of my favorite spectator sport to watch live next to baseball.

What does this have to do with k-pop? Well, the BTS x Coke commercial of course!

I commented to my family how it’s funny you can tell how dated the recording is by the color and style of their hair. This was filmed 3 hair colors ago! After this, they went completely black, then black with highlights for some (FAKE LOVE era) and now well… they all are sporting their own colors with just J-Hope being completely black. I thought Suga was also black but it’s more like a dark brown. And of course, the infamous cherry red/reddish-pink of Jungkook!

Onto Blackpink’s DDU-DU DDU DU which are killing it on the charts and award shows! I’m very happy for them. They even broke TWICE’s YouTube views for 50 million views within 3 days – A record for a k-pop girl group!

Next, as for more personal k-pop discoveries, my daughter and I attended another k-pop dance class this weekend. We’re enjoying how it’s introducing us to new tunes outside of our normal groups we listen to. The instructor was great! He was very engaging and able to break down the choreography. He also had a very keen eye to know when it was time to speed up the track or when to repeat an area he saw us having trouble with. We had so much fun and this past weekend, we did it to Sunmi’s Heroine:

As usual we only learn the main chorus part which starts, in this dance practice, at 1:02 and ending at 1:32. Not a particularly hard dance to learn as this was a beginner’s class but let me tell you… that deep squat and bounce part? Our quads are still feeling it after 48 hrs!

Lastly but not least, RUN BTS episodes resumed as of today! I’ve been missing it pretty badly, too. I thought they would take a break completely until fall but I guess I’m wrong. I’m going to assume, then, it’s because they won’t be doing another Bon Voyage this summer as they’re gearing up for the world tour. So, this is what they are giving us in return. I haven’t watched it yet but will tonight before bed.

And as far as RUN BTS and my blog is concerned, this post I did months ago stills to be a popular click for my readers: Not-So Daily Kpop Challenge – Part XII


Gimme Sympathy… and Jungshook Over Jungkook’s Hair

Ugh. This place feels so neglected! And I don’t like that. But life… you see, life… it gets in the way sometimes. I’ve been doing so much overtime and well, there was also this little BIG thing where my daughter had her grade 8 graduation. And I had to finalize a new hire which I will need to travel to the states to train her… So you know, gimme sympathy:

In other news… holy… Jungkook has got us Jungshook again with his bright red hair!