Watch “EXO 엑소 ‘Love Shot’ MV” on YouTube

EXO’s latest release, Love Shot, is a song I can get behind. This one seems to groove better than their last title track, TEMPO, which for me seemed all over the place.

I’ll continue giving this one a chance!


Angry Jin (BTS) Returns… to my dreams!

Is my sub conscience telling me I’m harboring insecure thoughts again? Because I’m dreaming about BTS again and this time, Kim Seokjin makes a return!

This time I’m behind stage at a live performance event with BTS. I’m making my way through all the members to ensure they are okay and not too nervous before their performance.

The last person is Jin. He’s sitting down on a sofa so I walk over and sit next to him. He doesn’t seem to be aware that I’m there so I gently tap on his shoulder and say, “Hey Jin – how are you doing?”

Jin, Angry-Jin, then whips around and stares me down. He then yells at me, “YAH! Who says you can touch me? Did I give you permission to touch me? And why are you always running around worried about everyone? You should take care of yourself more! Look at you! You look so tired! Get some rest! Here…. take a nap right now!” He says this last part as he pushes me to lie down on the couch.

I’m not amused. So I sat right back up and argued back, “Don’t tell me what to do!”

“I can so tell you what to do! Everyone listens to me!”

“Well, I don’t have to, you know! You’re not the boss of me. And how dare you shove me over! If I can’t touch you without your permission, then you can’t touch me without MY permission!”

“YAH! I can and I will, See?” And then he proceeds to poke me in the shoulder several times before getting up and storming off towards the stage.

What the hell was that all about?

BTS Nominated for 2019 Grammy’s

Sort of.

So here’s the deal. The artist behind the Love Yourself: Tear album is being nominated for Best Recording Package. Which is not one of the below categories BigHit entered BTS for Grammy nomination consideration:

  • Album of the Year
  • Pop Album
  • Song of the Year
  • Record of the Year
  • Pop Duo/Group Performance
  • Music Video.

To be honest, I hadn’t had any hopes of BTS getting a nomination at all. There were many articles already explaining how BTS would have little chance with Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Record of the Year – mostly due to Grammy’s being snobs to boy bands in general. There were some hope, including from yours truly, BTS would nab either Pop Duo/Group Performance and Pop Album. The one category which stood out to be the best possibility was Music Video. Still… I knew it was going to be tough.

Where does this leave us? Well… first of all, this is really just my personal opinion and I will admit when it comes to The Grammy’s, I am biased. I’ve been following The Grammy’s for three decades. I went from being a big fan of the Grammy’s to one who’s just felt let down over and over again. The Grammy’s now might play in the background each year but I rarely follow the Grammy’s seriously anymore. I could say the same for The Oscars but that’s another rant on it’s own.

So with that in mind, I never felt BTS needed The Grammy’s. Them not being nominated or not winning means very little to me. And I think, given the strong fandom as is ARMY, they will not lose their fandom over The Grammy’s. And yet, leading up the postponed date for announcement, I did feel myself getting nervous – for BigHit, BTS and the rest of ARMY. Because regardless of anyone’s personal opinion towards The Grammy’s here’s the truth from my own insight of why a nomination impacts the music industry and BTS themselves:

  1. It would have been another step towards breaking down main stream barriers
  2. It’s a baby step towards BTS being accepted as a possible and more serious nominee in the future.

On the negative side, are The Grammy’s merely giving BTS a little attention to appease the masses? Are they doing this just to invite BTS and therefore, increase their ratings? Both a possibility. There’s a huge reason why both AMA 2017 and BBMA 2018 slotted BTS’ performance near the end of the evening – they didn’t want a drop in ratings mid-way through the live event. TV, after all, is suffering from viewership as people are now going non-traditional with streaming and PVR-ing.

On the positive side, lets say they do invite BTS. Will they ask BTS to preform on stage? If so, then I do see this as a pretty big step and no longer just a baby step. After all, BTS have expressed interest in The Grammy’s and for them to be there AND perform live on stage, would be something I believe would make them very happy. After watching Burn the Stage (both the series and movie), it’s evident they love to perform in front of their fans. It’s part of what drives them to continue to produce music and go on tour.

In light of this, I would be very happy if The Grammy’s do ask them to perform. On the other hand, if The Grammy’s do not ask them, but only include them in this smaller version of a nomination which is not directly towards BTS but the artist(s) responsible for the album package design and concept, it will feel like a slap in the face.

In summary, I’m more waiting to hear about The Grammy’s line of performances. The results will conclude how I feel about the whole thing. In the end, I just want whatever makes BTS happy, though. So I’m keeping my finger’s crossed they will get to be at The Grammy’s.

MMA 2018 – BTS’ FAKE LOVE, Airplane Pt. 2 & IDOL

Twenty minutes. That is the length of what I can only call BTS’ mini-concert on the stage of this year’s Melon Music Awards.

As usual, BTS puts on quite a show. This time around, however, I was pretty impressed with their Intro to both FAKE LOVE and IDOL.

I was particularly amazed with their intro to IDOL where J-Hope, Jimin and Jungkook took to the stage, among dancers and drummers and did their complex traditional Korean dance moves wearing contemporary hanbok.

Whenever some one states BTS is just another boy band. I think this is the performance to show them. THIS is not an easy choreography to perform! It takes talent. It takes hours of practice within an already busy schedule. And it takes years of solid dance skills building to reach this level of artistry.

Jungkook created a short but beautiful clip of their pre-IDOL intro practice.

DAY6 Youth Tour Concert with Hi Touch

So I took my daughter to watch DAY6 when they stopped by our city a couple of weeks ago. Above is one of the few of my favorite videos captured of the evening. I had to grab SHOOT ME because it is currently a favorite of mine (and in heavy rotation on my playlists)!

I wasn’t prepared for the ticket sale date though – it passed by and I only remembered several days later. By the time I checked into Ticketmaster I wasn’t able to find two seats right next to each other. The best seats were row A and B of the 2nd half of the floor right in front of one another.

The venue wasn’t very large – most times it is used for our city’s orchestra performing various symphonies. For DAY6 this was perfect. The acoustics of the location was made for live bands. So our seats were really good! We both were right next to the aisle and my daughter had no row in front of her as there was a cross-section aisle across the ‘theatre-like’ layout. There was also no General Admission – which I actually thought was nice. No crazy line-ups to maneuver through and trying to figure out which line you’re supposed to be in… Sorry, my first k-pop concert with GOT7 was a bit of a nightmare as far as the venue disorganization goes.

DAY6 did an amazing job performing and entertaining the crowd. As usual, the group had prepared a VCR-ment (short large-screen video) to entertain their fans as they went back stage to change and freshen up. This occurred before their encore. The below video has the option of ENG SUB if you need them:

Because of where we sat, we were also in prime view during the encore when all the members (except Brian) came running down the aisle, most stopping right in front of my daughter. Jae even climbed onto the chairs in the middle across from her as he belted out some intense notes! My daughter also got to high-five Dowoon.

After the concert, we stayed in our seats to wait to be called by section for the Hi Touch experience. Yes – our very first Hi Touch! I honestly wasn’t expecting getting this with our P2 tickets. But it was a pleasant surprise. It took awhile for them to call our section and I’m thankful the organizers told us all before the concert (by email) to remain in our seats. This allowed us to rest rather than wait in a very long line-up.

We were the last to be called up which, for me, was a bit hard to handle because it was Friday night at the very end of a tiring week. I really just wanted to go home and sleep! But also I didn’t want to miss the experience. We paid for it, after all. My daughter was excited to meet the boys and to be honest, who knows when we’ll ever get this opportunity again!

So when we finally made our way to the guys, I could see them all standing behind the table. As I approached them two things came to mind:

  1. They are far better looking the closer you get. The photos and videos do not do them justice.
  2. TALL! Boy are they tall. I’m 5′ 6.5″ which is pretty average I’d say for a woman. The shortest was half a head taller than me but the rest were towering over me for sure! Brian was leaning over the table to high-five us and he was still tall. The table was not on a platform but on the ground just like us. So…. wow. Very tall indeed!

Of all of them, Sungjin made the most memorable impression on me. They were all very kind and gracious. Sungjin just had this really down-to-earth and humble air about him.