BTS Love Yourself World Tour – Canada pt. 2

[PART 1]

Day 3 – Sunday, September 23rd

Sunday morning, we woke up in that lazy-way. With room service ordered, both my daughter and I stayed in our PJ’s and the hotel robes. Honestly, there was no need to wake up any earlier and we wanted to try and get as much rest as we could. The night before, coming back from the concert, we were both in a euphoric state and not at all ready to go to sleep.

We had ordered dinner to our room and talked about all the amazing parts of the concert!

Brunch in our room consisted of scrambled eggs, sausage and home fries for her, and a veggie egg omelette with home fries for me. She had orange juice and I had a pot of really good coffee!

After our tummies were filled, I had had enough of the hotel room. She wanted to just hang out in the hotel and rest more (she was getting over a cold after all) so I went out across the street to the Art Gallery of Hamilton. The gallery was exhibiting Vivian Maier: Street Photographer and I’m so glad I went! With my earbuds in, I walked around listening to tunes as I looked at these brilliant photographs of the streets of New York and Chicago from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Maier used a Rolleiflex camera which was pretty impressive due to the technology back then.

Come time for our 2nd BTS Love Yourself concert, we arrived this time 45 minutes early. The energy-level was just as high and buzzing from the night before. Next to my daughter was a university student who had traveled from British Columbia just to be here. She explained her bias-list: Taehyung is her boyfriend, Suga is her spirit animal (and ultimate bias) and Namjoon is her husband. 🙂

2nd night – P1 seats for BTS’ Love Yourself Tour (Hamilton, ON)

Our seats were fantastic. Row 4 just right of the main stage gave us the ability to see the members facial expressions (without needing to watch the big screen). A much closer range than the night before.

Still photography wasn’t any easier. I learned quickly to only try and snap a photo when they are just standing around otherwise, without a professional camera, BTS will always turn out a bit blurry since they move so quickly during their choreography.

BTS performing Fake Love

I was, however, able to take some short video clips of their intro, FAKE LOVE. I kept them short because I really didn’t want to be living behind the lens all night long. The way I see it, eventually they will be releasing the concert on DVD which I will most definitely purchase.

My goodness – I was wowed the first night and honestly, wondered if the second night would be less exciting as a result of just seeing the same concert two nights in a row.

I was so wrong. If anything, I enjoyed each night equally and differently from one another. Their comments were different, their ad libs were different and to see the performance from two different vantage points was fantastic! Would I do it again this way? In a heart beat! But only for BTS simply because everything they do just excels one’s expectations. They truly make it worth the money spent!

So the question is whether or not, should they return to Canada on their next world tour, if I would go see them again?

Ahh… I always said I would get tickets for my daughter and a friend by then as they will be old enough to go on their own. But BTS never disappoints when delivering new music. So I suppose I would but perhaps wait until reseller tickets drop last minute and grab a pair for my husband and myself.

As much as I enjoyed GOT7 they were on my bucket list of k-pop concerts to see live. As I did get a chance to see them, I’m okay not seeing them again where as my daughter must go see them as she stans them as well. But BTS? I don’t know – for me, they are on a whole different level of artistry.

Next and final post, I will break down some of the solo performances and members.


BTS Vampire World Part III: Jung Hoseok

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This one is less of a description but actual story line/plot with dialogue. I haven’t had too much time to edit so apologies for any grammar or typo errors. I’m trying to calm a raging headache as I have been sick for a week now. But this one has been on the back burner for way too long.

Also, I’ve been told I might want to put some warnings. I’ll tell you straight up – this is going to be PG-rated. Some violence, due to the nature of vampires in general, but that is all. If you’re looking for 18+ material you won’t find it here. My daughter reads my stories – she’s the one who encouraged me to try this out so of course I’m going to keep it clean.

Jung Hoseok


Jung Hoseok was a rare find for Namjoon. Yet there he was, the life of the party at an illegal, underground club during the roaring 20’s prohibition period.

He was, how Namjoon would often describe, difficult to ignore.

Another top vampire of their team, known as Kim Seokjin, brought Hoseok to Namjoon’s attention when they were alone in the leader’s study.

“I have someone I’d like you to meet,” a determined Seokjin announced.

“Seokjin… I haven’t time for any romance. I’m sure your lady friend is worthy to spend time with, but you know it’s not easy for us to get involved.”

Seokjin chuckled. It’s true he worries about Namjoon who’s a work-a-holic. He would like nothing more to ensure Namjoon has some outlet for all the stress he carries on his shoulders.

“No… You’ve made that perfectly clear when I tried to pair you up with a certain Miss Elizabeth.”

Namjoon raised an eyebrow as he nodded back to Seokjin.

“This is business,” Seokjin continued. “I assure you it’s nothing more. It has to be, however, tonight.”

“Oh? And pray tell what, or whom, exactly is so important for us to meet tonight?”

“Ahh… but what would be the fun in divulging in what could be a very fun surprise? A little mystery isn’t so horrible, Joon. You need to loosen up every now and then, my friend.”

“*Sigh* Alright… but can it not wait for another night?”

“Unfortunately, albeit I admit this is short notice, it really must be tonight… he isn’t one to stay in one spot for too long. This one is sharp. And quick. He’s always one step ahead in the game. Plus, he has invited me to join his table tonight. It’s the perfect opportunity!”

“Well, I’m intrigued. What time do we depart?”

“9pm. Sharp!”

And so Namjoon found himself standing on the balcony of this secret gentleman’s bar, watching the crowd of merry men drink as they are entertained by women and some costly bets of gambling greed.

“So, Seokjin. I’ve allowed myself to be dragged here. And yet I haven’t seen anyone extraordinary from the usual riff raffs.”

“Down there in the furthest dark corner,” Seokjin pointed. “The one draped in the purple velour coat.”

Dressed not only in one of the finest, hand-made coat to grace anyone’s presence, Hoseok’s eccentric appearance was accented by a silk, button down shirt sealed by an emerald green gem securing his high collar. He wore white gloves and sported an ornate, handcrafted cane. And finally, balanced on the bridge of his slender nose was a pair of round, wire-framed spectacles. Everything about this mysterious man screamed elegance but also individual taste.


“He certainly seems to be the life of the party,” Namjoon admired from above.

Seokjin leaned into Namjoon and whispered, “You haven’t seen my reason for us being here. Just… watch.”

Hoseok had been hustling his increasingly agitated human opponent for several hands of poker by now. With a grin from ear to ear, Hoseok laid his cards facing up, showcasing another victory. The man across from him threw his own cards on the table and stood up abruptly while violently knocking down the chair behind him.

“You,” pointing an accusatory finger just inches away from Hoseok’s face. “You are not a beginner! In fact, you are a cheater – I am sure of it! And you’ll pay for your actions!”

“Oh come now…” Hoseok said with the smile still beaming from his relaxed expression. “This is but a gentleman’s game is it not?”

The man’s face turned crimson with sweat forming across his brows. It was evident his next move would result in a violent maneuver.

Hoseok then slowly stood up without blinking and without looking away from his opponent. “There is no reason to be upset, after all, is there? Hmm?”

And as if in a trance, the man’s composure changed from angry and tense, to relaxed and perhaps a little confused to the next words which passed Hoseok’s lips, “I suggest you calm down. Now.”

From above, Seokjin leaned in to Namjoon once more and asked, “Did you catch that?”

“I did,” Namjoon whispered back, “I did indeed. But what exactly did I see?”

“It’s his power. He has the ability to control people’s emotions.”

“Fascinating… an empathic?”

“Yes. But so much more. Not only is he attuned to the emotions surrounding him, he has the ability to control what he feels from others. And do you know what else I found out about this very interesting vampire friend of mine?”

Namjoon said nothing in response as he continued to observe the scene below.

“He’s from our clan, Joon.”

Namjoon snapped his gaze up and gave a look of both delight and seriousness at his teammate. “So, you’re saying…”

“He would be a wonderful addition.”

“Why would he join, though? It’s apparent he’s doing pretty well on his own. Unless…”

“Ahh – you’re thinking, now, aren’t you? Yes, well, as amazing as his powers are, his prey’s correct emotions of whatever they felt when wronged by Hoseok does eventually return. By then, our sneaky vampire is already made himself scarce. His list of enemies seeking him out is growing quite long with each hustle he makes. Luck will eventually run out.”

“And thus, we promise him protection for his loyalty.”

“Exactly. Come on… he will be making his exit soon and I did promise I would come by to have a drink with him. I’m terribly late, as well.”

And so, it didn’t take much effort for Seokjin to convince Namjoon why Hoseok should be introduced to the rest of the group. Hoseok, while surviving on his powers over humans, had no ability to control emotions of other supernatural beings. Yet his ability over humans’ emotions of both evil men and those in control of the political circle and law will prove fruitful for Namjoon.

“Seokjin! Ah you’ve finally arrived my new and wonderful friend!” Hoseok greeted Seokjin with a firm and boisterous embrace. “Please! I have a private room waiting for us upstairs. Let’s not waste any time – I have set aside some very good whiskey for us to toast the now and the future!”

“Ah, Hoseok! You do spoil me so as I am the lucky one to have crossed paths with you! I brought my very old and trusted friend. I hope you don’t mind. This is Namjoon.” Seokjin stepped aside to allow Namjoon to step forward.

“Namjoon!” Hoseok let out a merry laugh, “Kim Namjoon, I presume? A name not to take for granted in the underworld. Come… let’s all adjourn upstairs. It appears we’ll be toasting to new friendships, and perhaps alliances, tonight.”

As the three unworldly gentlemen gracefully made their way to the upper level, it wasn’t a surprise both men and women took notice. To them whom knew Namjoon and Seokjin, they remained planted in their seats but with nervous shifting for those who had something to hide, and with awe for those knowing the type of force they were in the presence of.

Hoseok lead his two companions down the end of a long and dimly lit hall. A large fellow guarding one of the many ornate, hand-carved, solid wood doors, nodded at Hoseok and then turned the doorknob to the room they were to enter. Once inside, Namjoon took a quick look at his surroundings – a habit he had long formed whenever he found himself in a new environment. He always looked to see any other escape route in case anything became too intense. He noticed a round table in the middle, large enough for a private game of poker, as well as couple of sofas against the wall with a small table holding bottles of liquors and crystal glasses.

Hoseok did not waste any time as he poured his promised whiskey in three of those glasses and served everyone right away.

“You’ve come to offer me some type of deal, am I right?” Hoseok continued to smile as he got to the point of their impromptu meeting.

Seokjin raised an eyebrow.

“Oh come now, Seokjin. What other reason would you have for bring THE Kim Namjoon tonight?”

Chuckling, Seokjin replied, “We haven’t known each other for too long but it appears you already know me too well.”

“Yes and no. I just happen to be very intuitive. Especially with how things work both out in the streets and, how should we say, our world?”

“The underworld or the supernatural world,” Namjoon spoke out.

“Both. But aren’t they both one in the same? Most nights, at least?”

“Hmm… I’ll give you that. And since you seem pretty eager I’ll get right too it. I want you to consider joining my team. You will be an invaluable asset.”

“I’m intrigued – exactly why do you feel I’ll be an asset to you and your men?”

“Because of your sharp mind, your observant eyes and…”


“And your powers.”

“Ahh… of course. My powers! And may I ask how you learned of my powers?”

“Seokjin, here, has powers, too.”

“Oh?” Hoseok turns to Seokjin for confirmation. “It’s been awhile since I’ve met another vampire with powers. What can you do? Can you read minds?”

“No, I’m definitely not a mind reader. And I’m thankful of that – I did know once of a mind reader – it takes much strength to control which mind to listen to when in a crowd. Almost drove her mad! What I can do, however, is sense another supernatural power within a certain distance that is.”

Hoseok lets out a gleeful laugh! “Oh, that is very interesting! Well, I thank you for keeping my secrets from my opponents as you’ve seen me make more than a few wins since we’ve met!”

“Well, I admit there are altruistic reasons. We could use your power against our enemies. Keeping it a secret gives us an advantage after all.”

A knock on the door interrupts the three gentlemen. “Before we continue our discussion, have you had dinner? I’m parched and will need to feed to regain my strength. You see, I can only use my powers for so long. It seems to drain me, and a feeding is what I need in order for me to keep my strength up. Come in!”

The door opens, and two servants enter the same man Hoseok had hustled not long ago. Only this time, the man is gagged and both hands restrained by rope behind his back. He struggles to try and break free, but the servants force him down on his knees before Hoseok, who has now maneuvered to stand before the man.

Seokjin looks up to Hoseok and questions him, “Do you make it a habit of playing with your food? Is this part of a cat and mouse game you enjoy?” Namjoon could sense Seokjin’s concern. While Hoseok’s power and blood line would make a powerful place in their organization, Namjoon never takes in Vampires who with inhumane habits.

“I admit, I don’t feel guilty for swindling them before I end their pathetic lives, but rest assured it’s not for sport. As my powers grew I learned by just one graze of their flesh, I’m sent flashes of sins they have committed. This one… well,” Hoseok leans in close to the man, “Would you like to tell them,  hmm? What did you do to that poor girl? Filthy swine!”

The man struggles violently while still restrained by the two servants, trying to scream through his gag. Hoseok does not move away but sneers viciously to the man, “You’re lucky I haven’t time to torture you. You deserve a long and painful death for what you did to her.” His eyes are wide with fear and yet Namjoon is sure he isn’t aware of what they are just yet. Though the man obviously senses his end is near.

“So, you see,” Hoseok continues as he stands erect aain, “I only prey on the evil ones. But I am on my own and well. I do need to survive… so what’s wrong with me stealing their money before hand?” He ends his question with another bright smile. Seokjin can’t help but to be amused how he can go from a deadly creature to the charming, happy-go lucky aura Hoseok’s manner usually portrays.

Namjoon responds this time, “I see. Well, not that you will never end people’s lives who have done very bad things, but if you join us, you won’t have to hustle to survive. You’ll live under high security with rich luxury and only use your powers to serve and protect our kind and the balance of our world.”

Hoseok gives Namjoon a serious and confident nod, “Then you have me,” before rapidly lunging and tearing into the man’s neck.


The rest of the BTS vampire member description will continue…

[* NOTE: Most ideas within my vampire world are not original. From the influences of many read and watched fictional vampire stories, I have formulated my personal ideal vampire world. This is solely just for fun and a way for me to explore my creative side.]

BTS Love Yourself World Tour – Canada pt. 1

[PART 2]

Okay – I really wanted to get this out for the past two weekends, but life happened with a bunch of unexpected events!

I have not just one but TWO BTS concerts to write about. Yes, you heard me right. That’s plural – we went to both Saturday and Sunday night’s concert in Hamilton, Ontario. Let me just say I did not regret it. Sure we’re now broke, but damn was it ever worth every single penny! We had a different vantage point each evening and I don’t have to tell you, BTS was just SO incredible live, seeing them the 2nd night just made the whole experience better.

This is definitely going to be a multi-part entry because there is no way I can describe everything I want to talk about in just one post.

Day 1 – Friday, September 21st

I wanted the whole weekend to be a mother-daughter get-away which we’ve never done before. Sure there’s been plenty of mother-daughter days where we go for brunch and a mani/pedi. And even to the zoo or museum when she was young while my husband was at the fire station for the weekend. But never any over-nighters. So this was special. My daughter and I splurged on the Sheraton in Hamilton, Club Level room.

Okay – truth is we had not choice BUT to splurge. I didn’t plan it very well. When we first landed a pair of tickets to the concert, I was so relieved I figured, Okay now that that’s out of the way, back to life! In the back of my mind I said to myself I’ll book the hotel and travel plans later.

The problem is I forgot that Hamilton is NOT that big of a city like Toronto. There are not a lot of hotels and I wanted to be in walking distance from the concert since Hamilton can be a bit run-down outside the main downtown core.

So when I finally went back to booking our rooms mid-summer, all there was left was the one of two more expensive rooms. I took the least expensive one but believe me, 3-nights staying like that ended up being just as expensive as buying 2 tickets per each concert night! Still, it was such an ideal location. A bonus was that they had my gym in the mall the hotel was attached to so guess who got a more proper workout instead of making do with a hotel gym (in my experience, you always get a lesser of a workout at hotel gyms).

When we arrived, it was pretty evident who took over Hamilton… ARMY, that’s who! The lobby was littered with both ARMY staying over at that hotel, or just resting in the lounge or in the Starbucks in the lobby before camping out all night across the street for first dibs to be next to the stage with their GA tickets. Lets just say I’m glad we had reserved seating. As much as I know my daughter would have loved to be right up front and close to BTS, I’m sorry, I love them but I like having a seat where I can just walk in to the stadium and plop myself down. What can I say? It’s not even an age thing – I’ve never been into being in a massive crowd of standing room only.

Walking around the streets close by the hotel, I noticed four different bus shelter posters of Jungkook:

Happy Birthday to the Golden Maknae!

It did not look like BigHit’s official poster for the BTS World Tour. And I noticed Jungkook’s birthday on the top left corner of each variation we saw. I’m going to guess ARMY did this as a little birthday message to him. But man – that must not have been cheap! Hopefully it was not just one ARMY who funded for this to happen but a community of them.

Day 2 – Saturday, September 22nd

Saturday, September 22nd – BTS Love Yourself Tour in Hamilton

We had purchased the Sunday night tickets first before I bought the reseller tickets for the Saturday night. And I purposely chose seats with a better view of the extended stage. As our Sunday was by the right of the main stage, I wanted to see the performance somewhat front and center. As BTS spent a majority of their time on the main stage, whenever they did go to the middle of the arena, those then situated behind that middle stage usually saw most of their backs. Though when they were not in a choreo formation they did their best to walk around the cat-walk and center stage to face in every direction of the crowd.

We probably arrived way too early. Like an hour and a half early. Truth is we didn’t know what to expect. Getting through security was fast, though – the line-ups moved quickly. Ahh… why I love reserved seating!

Still – we had a really great time sitting in the arena before the performance. They played a continuous stream of BTS music videos on both sides of the stage and ARMY was cheering and singing along to every single song! The energy and buzz was electrifying to say the least. And as we got closer and closer to the countdown, you could FEEL the excitement in the air!

When the guys finally made their appearance it was unreal how the audience erupted into cheers and screams. They went right into IDOL setting the tone for a full, energetic performance for the rest of the two and a half hours to follow.

Our view of BTS from the center stage.

I knew BTS was going to give us a great show. I’m happy to have experienced it live though – they are pros through and through. Their singing, rapping and dancing live (with no lip syncing) is hard to express with mere words. It was by far the best concert I have ever experienced as far as large venues are concerned. The way they interacted with the audience was quite interesting as well. I will get more into this the 2nd night as we were closer to the main stage, but I noticed they never cease to stop interacting with their fans when they were not in formation during a dance sequence.

From where we were, we didn’t have the best vantage point for videos but I did capture a some good photos. Here’s one I took for my daughter since Taehyung is her bias:

Kim Taehyung

Speaking of Taehyung, the man is simply ethereal. It was hard to believe we were actually watching him live because he is just… art! I get why his nickname is CGV – I felt like we were seeing some type of computer generated graphic! He was visually stunning but to see him perform his solo, Singularity, was such an honor. Tae’s low, baritone voice carried across beautifully. Here’s a short clip I took of him the 2nd night during his solo.


Second night will continue in my next post

Yet Another Dream of BTS… and GOT7?

Okay – so this may be getting ridiculous. In fact it’s beyond ridiculous. For those who are new to my site, I have posted about my dreams of BTS here and also here.

They’ve all had to do with my anxiety and under-performing worries.

At least these last two dreams have been happier dreams.

Dream #1: GOT7 as a Gift

This actually was about GOT7. But I figure I’d jot it down as it’s a pattern towards my next dream description. My daughter happens be have fallen big time for GOT7 ever since we went to see them in concert this past summer.

In the dream, her godparents (my best friends) asked me for some ideas of what to get her for her birthday. I basically just told them, “I’m sure anything you guys give her she will love!” In other words, I was no help at all! Not much different from real life I’m afraid.

When the birthday arrives, we’re at home throwing a small gathering for family and friends. The door bell rings and one her godparents jump up to get the door, exclaiming, “Ah! Our present for you must be here!”

They open the door and in walks all 7 GOT7 members. Yup, they got GOT7 to come to her birthday party. Her friends and her reacted in the dream as they would in real life – with screams and all.

I don’t know how many of you know about those indoor playgrounds you can rent for 2 hours to hold a birthday party? You see, my friends and I did this for our kids when they were of that toddler to pre-school age. It gave us less of a headache to pay some one else to hose the party and to have to clean up the mess. AND the added bonus was not only did the party have a strict time limit of 2 hours but the parents can hover in the kitchen area, drink coffee, snack and actually have adult conversations while the kids were in eye-sight, playing in the indoor playground. The environment was safe and we rarely noticed them unless we heard either screaming or crying.

Yeah… we were awesome parents! :p

Anyway, that’s what played out in the dream. The parents were in the kitchen socializing, leaving the young teens in the living room, socializing with GOT7.


I think it’s because I felt my parental duties take over. Other then greeting them and saying a polite ‘thank you’ when they left, I didn’t want to steal the moment away from my daughter. I do recall BamBam was really tall!

Dream #2: BTS and Dragon Boating

So this dream stems from my past as being a very competitive dragon boat paddler. I even tried out for nationals. And I would KILL to have my athletic body back! Ugh!

Anyway, in this dream, my family and I were at some all-inclusive resort. And you know how those resorts are – they are filled with beach activities and excursions.

As a way to bond and stay active, I signed my daughter and I up for dragon boating. Something she clearly did NOT want to do as all she wanted was to sleep in and be lazy (not at all unlike real life).

But… I had a surprised I had arranged for her. For whatever crazy, unrealistic and strange reason, I knew BTS was going to be vacationing at the same resort. And for whatever crazier reason, I somehow got in contact with BTS and arranged for them to participate in the dragon boating activity so it was just them and us (which is crazy – 7 of them plus 3 of us is only 10 people; a full dragon boat has 20 paddlers and we would need at least 16 to make it easy on all of us).

When the morning came, I dragged my not-so-poor daughter out of bed. She was grumpy as hell. We went to the beach to meet the instructor as she dragged her feet and hung her head low. Once we got there, RM came-up and said good morning. My daughter, slowly raised her head to see who was talking to her. Upon realizing it was Kim Namjoon, leader of BTS, she immediately opened her mouth in shock! She sort of made a whisper-like scream but nothing too loud to draw attention.

RM was a good sport. He laughed and asked her if she could go to the end of the doc and join the maknae line, Taehung, Jimin and Jungkook.

Then I had a moment with just RM where I thanked him for doing this for us and that she’ll live the rest of her life never forgetting this momeng

Meanwhile as we were chatting, I looked down to see her interact with the maknae line. She was all bubbly and laughing with them. Jungkook was teasing her… every time tried to stand up in the boat, he would playfully shove her down. He had that bunny-smile on him. Taehyung who watched for a bit, then stopped Jungkook saying, “Stop it! You might hurt her and she’s precious!” Then Taehyung had a thought and yelled to RM, “She’s cute – can we keep her?” That’s when Jimin did his body-throwing-laugh and said, “She’s not like a stray dog or cat that you can just adopt Taehyung!”

And that’s it. It was a happy ending!

I believe these dreams were possibly trying to calm me down and tell me everything was going to be alright with my daughter. You see, she started grade 9 recently and was coming from a private school to public school setting. She knew no one at her new school. AND we were approaching our weekend away to see BTS’ Love Yourself Tour. I was getting nervous as the concert date approached – worrying about work, about whether or not she would have homework to do, and anything which might go wrong to off-set our plans.

I just didn’t want any problems with the Hamilton-weekend because she had been looking forward to the concert for so long!

Oh yeah – We went to see BTS! TWICE! More on that later…