Champion (Remix) | Fall Out Boy ft. RM

So this sort of just came out of nowhere. Or – there’s just so much going on with BTS it’s starting to get hard to keep up with all their latest news! Honestly, I’m going with the latter.

While this release was low-key, I was pretty excited. For one, I’m a fan of Fall Out Boy. I have liked them for awhile but really fell in love with their single Immortals from Big Hero 6.

Champions was already a pretty good song. And yes, perhaps my bias is making my opinion a bit slanted here. But I felt RM’s intense rapping made this remix even better!

BTS is certainly not slowing down. 2018 is going to be crazy big for them and I believe the world of kpop is just going to explode!


When I Just Want to be Left with My Kpop

I feel a little bad for admitting this. Whenever I go to the gym on weekend mornings, which is considered my biggest workout of the week (I use Saturday as the jump start of my workout week) there is this older lady (80-ish). In some ways, I really like her – she reminds me of what I hope to be like when I am in my senior years, stilling hitting the gym at an ungodly hour to get my workout done, leaving the rest of day to do, well, whatever!

The only thing is when I go to the gym, aside from some small pleasantries and greetings, I really want to be left alone. The purpose of going to the gym is to get a really good workout in, but as I can do that at home as well, I also use it as a place to escape and just be lost in my own thoughts.

I’ve created a few playlist on my iPod Shuffle for the purpose of my workouts. And I love listening to my tunes while I workout! It’s like my sanctuary.

Yet there’s that lady – who’s always there every weekend mornings. I can’t go later (I don’t have time to and she stays there for the entire morning anyway so adjusting my schedule an hour or so later does not help). She’s very sweet but boy does she talk! I have hinted to her so many times that my time there is limited. After all, I go early in the morning while the rest of my household sleeps in. Yet I want to be home for our family brunch.

And I feel bad for her. I do. She lost her husband earlier this year after being with him for over 60 years or something. I can’t imagine that being easy – I mean, it’s amazing she gets herself up every day to move on with life.

But today… today… oh man… she started to tell me her very active sex life she used to have with her husband! Now, I’m not a prude. I mean, I use to be a peer sex ed counselor while in university. I have heard EVERYTHING! I don’t judge – I never have. It’s just that there’s a difference from being in a counselor role when I’m educating people about STDs, birth control methods, sexual lifestyles, etc. It’s another thing when some one who is pretty much close to being a stranger to me, starts to just ramble off about what she used to do with her husband.

The thing is, I wasn’t embarrassed. Like I said, I’ve heard it all. I was simply bored and eager to listen to my music.


Plus, she wears so much perfume it makes my head light and my nose burn.

BTS Danger Mo-Blue-Mix ft. THANH

One of the benefits of discovering BTS later than most is finding past gems. While I feel that I’ve caught up to the basics of BTS history, albums and great songs, there’s still little surprises waiting for me to discover.

When I saw this by chance in my YouTube feed (as a suggested video), I had to click. Because I had thought I had seen every single BTS video out there. Even the Japanese versions. And even the Bangtan boys own fun production of Spine Breaker.

So I clicked. I watched. I listened. And wow – I LOVE this remix and collaboration! THANH’s voice is beautiful along side the boy’s own vocals and rapping. His softer, passionate singing mixed with Taehyung’s deep and angst voice was so powerful. As well as the rapping against a softer piano instrumental base.

So this is the song I’ll be playing on repeat all day long.

Just saying. 🙂

Kpop Humor and Nostalgia

One of the main reasons I love BTS is their sense of humor. Sometimes their back and forth ribbing and their antics remind me of my friends and I (well, before we had to become these damn responsible ‘adults’ paying bills, raising young kids, etc. – I often remind my teen that we used to be a lot more fun until ‘all you kids came into our lives and sucked the life out of us.’)

We’re actually still that way with one another but not as often. Thank God for social media! We can at least send each other random things thereby going off of sometimes decades of inside jokes that never seem to die out. I show my daughter some of these threads of ours and all she does is shake her head and say, “You guys are SO weird.” That we are. That.. we.. are.

Anyway – for this lovely, snowy Monday morning here in Toronto, I figured I’d start this soon-to-be hectic week with a little bit of kpop idol humor. Meet Jackson Wang of GOT7:


By the way, I think Jackson is extremely handsome. I am not bothered by kpop male idols wearing make-up. I know people who do not understand the kpop scene think it is weird, even discriminating these guys for wearing make-up (cue rude jokes about them being feminine, etc.) but personally, I often like them when they are either bare-faced or with just minimal make-up so it’s barely noticeable. Why I am a Jackson bias is due to the fact he looks handsome with no make-up what-so-ever! (BTW, I think BTS also look good without make-up and they seem to be performing with less of it compared to the past – it makes me happy because they are not hiding as much of their natural beauty).

EXO New Japanese Single – ‘Electric Kiss’

So this is a first for EXO whom have, in the past, been writing songs for their Chinese fans. With Electric Kiss, they are now showcasing their first Japanese single. The above official video, is the short version. I am guessing this is to market for the full version along with the Japanese album which will be released on January 24th, 2018. The album will be called Countdown.

What do I think of this song? I like. I am happy with the beat. I was okay with Power but to be honest, it didn’t stand up against Ko Ko Bop. Plus, they were contending with BTS’ huge huge release just before Power. The September EXO mini-album release paled in comparison to BTS’ Love Yourself.

Electric Kiss is promising. And the music video is visually stunning! I’ll give the rest of the album a chance for sure.

But I do have a question – will Lay return at all? He is still not among the rest of the 8 members in this video. I miss Lay. I loved his voice and he was such a good dancer. In fact, I prefer his dance skills over Sehun. And I felt both him and Kai complimented each other in their dance styles, like how Jimin and J Hope compliment each other.