shop-a-holic anonymous

well, okay… i hardly would say i’m a shop-a-holic. but it feels like that lately. which isn’t ideal – as we’re trying to save money.

but i have a walk-in closet filled with more clothes that are at least 1x’s to 3x’s too big. i had spent some energy and money to replace some pants that are too big than clothes that do fit. i did take advantage of some end-of-winter sales (for example, five dollar sweaters) for some fall/winter wear.

but now, spring and summer approaches.

a couple of nights ago,  i was not able to find a single shirt/blouse that matched my new red, pop-colour pants. i went through about FIVE tops – all just too baggy. i was getting pretty frustrated as i marched in to my closet, pulling another top to try on. and then another. by the fifth trip, my step was heavier and quicker with determination.

i finally settled for one blouse. the material is thin so while it is still too big, at least it drapes closer to my body for the illusion of a better fit.

meanwhile, hobbes just sat on the floor watching me walk by him a dozen or so times. his head turned to following me back and forth. he knew to stay out of my way since i was on a mission. but he was definitely a bit on edge sensing my frustration.

and so later on that night, these were ordered online… and none of the items were over $11!

old navy women's shirts

they are simple – easy enough for me to accessorize for casual wear or a day at the office (spring/summer wear, that is).

the problem is, now i want new jewellery!

it never ends, does it?

and i don’t love shopping. the issue is, i like to do things to completion. so, if i need a new wardrobe, it’s hard for me to stop just at a couple of purchases. i need to see things done to the end. i’m like that pretty much with everything i start.

though… okay, jewellery and shoes are probably one of my guilty pleasures. it’s much easier. with shoes, one size is one size. and i’ve been a size 7 since i was a teen. and necklaces, earrings (and fashion scarves, come to think of it) – one size fits all!

wish list for rings

antique and ornate rings

i want them all

a long time ago, i blogged about my ring collection – most of them were inherited.

when i started to wear some of these rings just on a daily basis, it changed my style and taste for when i browse through rings now.

i use to be the typical modern girl – clean lines, tiffany cut style… not that i could afford a tiffany-cut-anything… but anything ornate was too much! believe me, i still find those modern, less-is-more styles as gorgeous rings. besides, if some one was to offer me a free, tiffany-cut diamond ring, i would not complain.

still, when browsing for rings, mainly costume jewellery (diamonds and real gems are exquisite but i can’t afford the real stuff), i am inspired more by antique designs.

the above is a very short collection of rings i found on the internet – some are true antiques from the art deco and art nouveau period. some are inspired by such periods, recreated by a designer. either way, i love the intrinsic work put into each of them and would gladly find them a home on one of my fingers.

i’m not really a very ornate person with my home or my clothes. but when it comes to jewellery, i think it’s the one thing one can escape outside of one’s comfort zone. i tend to just wear one type of ornate jewellery piece at a time anyway. for example, if i have bold earrings, i will wear either a very simple necklace or none of all, so as to not be too busy and have each jewellery piece compete with one another. same with rings – i tend to just wear one ornate ring on one hand. the other hand might have a simple band or no ring at all.

i suppose they each get their turn in the spotlight. :)

old navy sizes – smaller than normal

i just went to old navy to take advantage of their $15 jean sale (only for today) and decided to take some time in the fitting room. i knew i needed a smaller size since i’ve been belting up my size 10 (also from old navy) for awhile now.

so i figured, “size 8… that’s what i’m looking for.”

i picked up two different types of leg opening – skinny and boot cut. both size 8.

i walked out to the mirrors where doug and chaeli were waiting for me. doug asked, “so how are they?”

looking in the mirrors, i frowned as a replied, “i don’t know. they’re comfortable. but awfully baggy around the hips/thighs. and i can definitely pull the waistband away from my stomach that it may be too loose.”

“so go and get a size smaller and see.”

size 6, this time. i came back out and modelled the smaller size for both to see. i asked, “so? how do they look?”

chaeli responded quickly, “they still look baggy.”

“what? how can that be! i’m a size 9/10 for other brands. i know old navy label their sizes smaller than the rest of the fashion world, but this is ridiculous! i’m not a size 6. i’m not even a size 8! and for cryin’ out loud, i’m SO not a size 4!”

well, i didn’t bother trying on a size 4. i do like my jeans on the more confortable size so i stuck with THEIR size 6. it’s still a bit loose but at least won’t fall off with just a tug (unlike the ones i currently own in my closet).

the thing is, i think it’s sad. that they have to lie to us women who shouldn’t be lied to about their size. what we should be told is that we’re okay the size that we are. that the size of our pants should not define who we are and that no two bodies will be the same so there is no ideal size.

i have the same issue with many scales at a few goodlife fitness centres i’ve been to. i can weigh anywhere from 5-10 lbs LESS than i know i weigh (i trust the scale at my doctor’s and at my dieticians – they have no need to lie and calibrate their scales regularly).

we don’t need to be lied to – in the end, that’s not doing us a favour. but more awareness on REAL body image is definitely a must!

thank god one company out there understands the importance of this.

treating myself

mid-winter indulgence shopping

i admit it, i’ve been giving into small indulgences. some of the mid-winter sales are a bit hard to resist. above are my recent purchases. aside  from the travel mug, everything else was pretty much a steal.

note – i tend to go on for a very long time between shopping for myself unless they are truly things that i need. for example, last weekend, i finally went shopping for underwear at costco. 6 cotton, undies – $2 each! comfortable but no granny-panties. all pastel colours of pink, peach, yellow, baby blue, etc. why pastel? i am a woman that tends to wear a lot of black, grey and other neutral/earthy colours. i try to add splashes of colours into my wardrobe and while i’m succeeding at it, some colours i can only wear unseen underneath my clothes.

i’m sure you wanted to know that.

as i was saying about my underwear purchase, i had to. i really had to buckle down and get some underwear. i had a bunch from my drawer that i try to wear on weekends as they are too big, but it was getting ridiculous. when one walks, they should not feel their underwear moving in all sorts of directions. when one stands up from bending over or sitting, one should not need to always hitch their underwear back up. when one changes out of pants, the underwear should not come off with the said pair of pants. underwear needs to be comfortable, yes, but it also needs to be functional. and my old pairs of underwear, perhaps 2 sizes too large, were not functional anymore.

that was definitely a tangent to what i meant to post, but there you have it. that is my underwear story.

anyway, the above purchases were:

  1. Aqua Finley Leather Journal
    • my therapist agreed that i should keep a journal. my friend, ada, gave me the idea about making sure i purchase a journal that feels right to me. not only did i love the colour, which reminds me of some of the aqua-blue colours of the ocean during our cruise, but the texture feels good in my hands.
  2. Starbucks Double Wall Faceted Mug
    • go team canada! i couldn’t resist the red and white colours – totally fitting to the olympic spirit during the sochi winter games. i have a larger, more durable travel mug with a handle. but sometimes, if i’m going to the library or needing a cup of hot beverage to take in the car with me, i just want a simple, small tumbler. and the weight of the ceramic feels good to hold.
  3. Women’s Old Navy Active 1/4-Zip Jackets
    • once in awhile, it is a bit cold in the basement or fitness studio during one of my yoga practices. i had talked about getting an active, long sleeve layer with holes in the sleeve for my thumbs. that way, i can wear it as an outer layer to shed once my body warms up. it would also be great as an inner layer for snowboarding. the thing is that even a cheaper brand costs $30. old navy had a sale plus an additional 30% off so in the end, i bought this for $12! TWELVE DOLLARS! i should have bought one in every colour at that price.
  4. Women’s Heart-Icon Hoodies
    • perhaps to continue with the team canada’s olympic spirit but more because i wanted a white hoodie and i wanted something with a heart on it. i don’t tend to have things that are ‘girly’ like that so this is reaching out a bit from my comfort zone. the price made it easier to go ahead with the purchase.
  5. Blue Marble Leather Journal
    • another leather journal ready and in place once the aqua-blue one is filled. same reason as to why i bought the other journal – i loved the look and feel to this one as well. i couldn’t decide between the two but as they were both on the clearance rack, i decided to get both.

birthday gift to myself

my 41st birthday is fast approaching.

once in a very blue moon, i’ll buy myself a birthday gift. with everything that’s been going on in my life, i’ve been needing whatever it takes to help get me through many bad days.

dealing with diabetes has been very up and down. i know i am lucky in that most people have it far worse. but it’s still been hard to digest everything.

with the winter months, my anxiety and depression is far more vulnerable. i think i’ve been feeling extra down more often than not because i’ve also been trying to come to the realities of my diagnosis. while it’s not the end of the world, there are just a string of days i feel tired about having this disease at all.

anyway, i have spoken to my doctor, as well as the rest of my diabetes team, and have my name out on the list for the next available psychiatrist. it may be a bit of a wait, though. the process can take awhile as the waiting list is long. the key is that i will definitely want a psychiatrist as certain medications are not friendly for diabetics. everything is just more complicated now.

it’s not just the diabetes that’s the underlying cause of my depression – there’s something more and i know i need help.

anyway, i happen to see two great sales online at chapters. one is a beautiful 2014 agenda planner (that fits into my purse). i know, i’m old school. with smart phones and tablets, who needs a archaic planner like this?

well, i’ve had some inner-struggles and battles about this for a couple of years now. while i do mostly everything online and electronically, i love having a page-by-page agenda planner. it’s great for me to keep notes, receipts or coupons that i need to retain for awhile. and i like writing in it. with ink.

doug bought me a group of seven one last year because he didn’t get a chance to get me a group of seven calendar. i didn’t think i would like it but now i can’t imagine being without it!

i also bought myself this alice munroe collection. the box set contains five of her following works:

  • Friend of My Youth
  • Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage
  • The Love of a Good Woman
  • Runaway
  • The View from Castle Rock

out of the above five, i’ve only read Runaway. i’ve read other works of hers so i look forward to having some of her work as part of my collection. yes, i am going old-school again. as much as i do make use of my ipad for ebooks both borrowed from the library or bought, i still like to hold books in my hands.